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"Psychophysiology of professional activities. Russian-English-Russian Explanatory dictionary" by E.B. Tryphonov and E.E. Tryphonov (1997, 1998, 1999) is an application for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 (10.5MB), and is derived from the book "Psychophysiology of professional activities. A dictionary," by E.B. Tryphonov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1996, 320 pp.

E.B. Tryphonov is a physician, physiologist, mathematician, and a computer software engineer. He is one of founders of the postgraduate training program for physician-psychophysiologists at the Military Medical Academy (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), and for many years he was the head of the psychophysiology training program in the Department of Physiology at the Military Medical Academy.

E. E. Tryphonov is a professional computer software engineer and designer.


Psychophysiology of professional activities is a part of psychophysiology as an interdisciplinary field of theoretical and applied knowledge. The subject of it is investigation of professional activities as a particular form of human behaviour. Theoretical investigations are directed at elucidation of spiritual, psychical and physical mechanisms of professional activities. The field of applied psychophysiology uses this knowledge as a scientific foundation for prediction of productivity and for optimization of intrinsic and extrinsic control of professional activities.

The dictionary contains interpretations of 1246 terms in Russian and about 1400 their English equivalents. Material of the dictionary is founded on probabilistic methodology and contains a substantial amount of information which has not been published previously.

As a reference book and an educational resource, the dictionary would be useful to all specialists who are interested in natural scientific foundations of human behaviour control and management: physicians and especially psychophysiologists, psychologists, physiologists, managers, translators, foreign specialists who study the Russian language, and to students.

The dictionary is designed to be easy to use. A user can quickly find any of the Russian or English terms, and output these to the screen, a file, or to printed output. The electronic dictionary is updated every year. The authors are in the process of preparing an online version of the dictionary.

The authors would like to offer this dictionary free of charge and would like to make the translation from Russian into other languages in both the print and electronic versions of the dictionary. The authors cordially invite collaborative work on this project.

Eugene B. Tryphonov,,

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